How to use

Step 1

Copy and paste a youtube link into the input box at the top. Hit ENTER or click "Load video"

Step 2

Now you'll see your video displayed with a grey box to the right. You can resize the video player by dragging the dividing bar
The video player is very simplistic. You can see a progress bar at the bottom and no icons. Nothing is missing, they just don't exist.
Click the video to toggle play and pause.

Step 3

Left-click and drag on the video to draw on a particular frame. You can use this tool to draw pictures, arrows, anything you want to help clarify or emphasize your comment.
You can clear your drawing by right-clicking or playing the video. There is a little extra space around the edges so you don't need to draw inside the lines.
Underneath the video you'll see a little grey box and a form to type. The grey box will show you the time you are commenting on. You can type your comment inside the text form. You need a text comment to post, but a drawing is optional
Submit your comment with ENTER. You can type new lines with SHIFT+ENTER.

Step 4

Comments appear in little "pips" at the bottom of the video. Hover over them to see what they say.
The grey box on the right of the video will scroll up as the video plays. The middle-most comment is closest in relevance to the current video time.
Comments below the input form are arranged most recent on top